Balance RA631

Allround optimum protection! The patented Balance RA631 series sees you through a safe and comfortable day. Its special features differentiate this model significantly from other two-piece models 

Synergy RA632

Heavy allround protection models lead to a considerable physical load on the user. This problem could be solved with the development of this X-ray protection coat – the patented Synergy RA632 series. 


Up-to-date radiation protective clothing which accompanies your active working day and provides outstanding qualifications. 

The exceptional comfort of the Comfort RA660 series is enhanced by the wide stretch inserts on the back wings. 

Thyroid Gland and Sternum Protection - RA614

Our thyroid and sternum protector is characterised by its first-class cut and the best fit, taking into account all aspects of radiation protection.

 With a permanently sewn-on hook & burr closure in the neck as standard, the thyroid and sternum protection is optionally also available with an exchangeable hook & burr closure or a practical magnetic closure

X-Ray Protective Glasses – Model BR126

The model BR126 offers the choice of two frame sizes: small-medium or large


Lead Equivalent (Weight), Front-/ Lateral Protection:

The design of the glasses adapts harmoniously to the facial anatomy resulting in a comfortable fit. The model design features extended lateral protection through additional inlays in the frame.

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