Contrast Media Injector

MRI Contrast Media Injector

CT Contrast Media Injector

MRI Contrast Media Injector

CT Injector

Max 2M sets new standards for hygiene. The innovative SafeConnect offers optimal contact protection at the connection between the patient tubing and the Easy- Click-Cassette. Since the injection takes place directly from the original media containers, the containers are only tapped once. This always ensures a closed system.

Along with the approved use of the Easy-Click-Cassette for up to 24 hours, you are always on the safe side.

Your patients’ safety is our highest priority the unique patient-side air monitoring reliably guards against critical air injections.

  • Simple & flexible

  • Set up only once per day

  • Very fast patient changeovers

  • Intuitive operator control concept

  • Very easy to use

  • Economical & efficient

  • Low costs for disposables

  • Optimal contrast medium management

  • Efficient workflows

  • Low overall operating costs

  • Hygienic & safe

  • Closed system direct injection from the original media containers

  • Automatic patient-side air monitoring

  • SafeConnect with contact protection

  • Safe for patient and user

Advanced German technology: For intelligent contrast agent injections.

5,000 ulrich medical® CT/MRI injectors are already being successfully used - Worldwide.

Faster and more individual service.

Personal and attentive support.

CT motion is available as a mobile pedestal version or with a 3D ceiling mount. This can be swiveled in three dimensions, offers two fixed height settings and is installed without cables.

A large, swivel-mounted 12“ TFT color monitor with touch technology enables accurate and fatigue-free operation.

  • An efficient process A smooth and particularly time-saving examination is the foundation of an optimal workflow in clinics and medical offices. CT motion is your reliable partner.

  • Economical and environmentally friendly Less is more. CT motion is easy on your budget: This is ensured in particular by the patented roll pump technology in combination with the two-piece tubing system. The result:Low costs and less waste per patient.

  • A high level of hygiene Meeting the highest hygiene demands. The sophisticated equipment design and operator control concept of the CT motion offers users and patients the highest degree of safety.

  • Safe and reliable application Safe injection protects both the patient and the user.The CT motion guides you reliably and clearly through multiple fully automatic confirmation requests.

  • Multi-compatible and individual The injector which ideally adjusts to your needs.The CT motion is as flexible as your patients, your team and your technical equipment are different. It has proven to be a multi-compatible injection system and ideally adjusts to your examination requirements.

  • The ulrich medical® quality promise Tradition and innovation go hand in hand for us. For more than 100 years now, customers throughout the world can rely on the quality and reliability of ulrich medical® products.CT motion stands for the consistent advancement of our quality promise.

  • Rapid change With an increasing number of patients, you save a considerable amount of time between patient changes with the CT motion. For example: CT motion- 30 patients/day ≈ 3 hours saved as compared to syringe injectors ≈ 14 more patients per day (with 12 min. examination time on average)

  • Spike contamination guard No unintentional contact and contamination of the spike possible

  • Luer lock holder for pump tubing Anchoring of the end of the pump tubing in a hygienically safe and protected area

  • Tray Is placed near the injector for rapid availability of common consumables such, as cannulas, bottles, swabs

  • Luer lock holder for patient tubing Hygienic anchoring of the end of the patient tubing over the drip cup

  • Disposable cup holder Controlled collection of contrast agent and NaCl drops when filling the disposable product

  • Two-piece tubing system latex-free and non-pyrogenic The pump tubing is part of the roll pump system and is approved for up to 24 hours of use. The patient tubing is connected to the pump tubing via a luer lock connection and is changed with each patient.