Seagull Healthcorp offers high-quality magnification loupes from Univet Optical Technologies, a leading manufacturer based in Italy. Univet's loupes are renowned for their superior quality and advanced technology, made with top-of-the-line materials to ensure durability and reliability during challenging surgical procedures. 


Loupes - Quick Loupes
Quick Loupes


Loupes - One Prismatic
Loupes - Urban Life Galilean


Loupes - Flip-up Prismatic
Flip Up - Prismatic
Flip Up -  Galilean
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Experience all-around lead protection with Ray Defence Aprons' intelligent design. Their aprons feature radio-protective piping at joints for maximum safety and low loading upon wearing, thanks to the high-performance textiles and flexible, non-cracking Hoplite lead composite material. Enjoy your work with smooth-finished aprons that offer superior protection without compromising on comfort or flexibility. 

Front  & Back Protection Lead Apron
Skirt & Vest Lead Apron
X-Ray Cap
Thyroid Sheild
Gonad Sheild
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Balance RA631
Synergy RA632
Synergy RA632

MRI Safety - Ferralert

Ferralert is an innovative safety solution designed specifically for medical applications from Kopp Development Inc. USA. It is a state-of-the-art ferro-magnetic sensor that enhance patient safety. 

With reliable and durable products, Seagull Healthcorp provides effective safety measures that prevent accidents and injuries from occurring. 

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 Ulrich GmbH & Co. offers the best range of MRI and CT injectors for effective and timely delivery of contrast media. Their injectors are designed for high-quality imaging and are available in a range of configurations to meet the unique needs of each patient and procedure. 

CT Injector
MRI Contrast Media Injector 
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The MiniBox+ is a portable, cabinless, pulmonary function test (PFT) machine for rapid, easy testing of Spirometry, Lung Volumes, and Single-Breath DLCO. With fully automatic measurements and short testing time, it’s ideal for both the clinician and the patient.



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Airwave Oscillometry System

The tremoflo® Airwave Oscillometry System (AOS) has revolutionized the Forced Oscillation Technique (FOT) by using a vibrating mesh to superimpose a gentle oscillatory pressure and flow wave onto the patient’s spontaneous breathing to measure respiratory impedance as lung resistance (R) and reactance (X). The resulting waveforms from the tremoflo® AOS provide measurements of the mechanical properties of the large central and smaller peripheral airways. This unique information is clinically valuable and complementary to Spirometry.

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